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Use 4 Color Brochure Printing to Attract Attention

4 color brochure printing and design is a multilayered and complex industry. Just as good design is something that begins before the pen actually touches the paper or tab, similarly, it does not end with the final digital proof being approved and delivered. For the actual implementation of the design, it must be treated with considerable care and thought, if you want to gain the maximum effect from the design. The common queries when it comes to printing brochures is the finishes to be used, the stock, and whether four color or digital printing should be used.

brochures and flyers
brochures and flyers

Digital printing has gained an influx as it combines technical advancements, increased affordability and the provision of more options than were previously possible in print. Hundreds of digital companies have come up online, making commercial printing solutions more readily available than other forms. With that said, this surge in popularity has also led to quite a lot of confusion for those who are not in the business. A few inexperienced or unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of this confusion, which has resulted in a large portion of print consumers walking away with a product that suits their needs.

Mechanical Procedure

Offset: Offset lithography, which is also known as 4 color or full color printing, is the most commonly trusted commercial printing technology for high volumes. What happens here is that the design image is initially burned on to a plate and then offset or transferred from there into a sheet of rubber, and then on to the printing surface. The offset process depends on the repulsion of oil and water. The image that is to be printed in 4 color brochure printing gets its ink from the rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a film of water, which keeps these areas free of ink.

Digital: If you own a desktop printer at home, you are aware of the mechanical process of digital printing. Here, a lot of the mechanical methods that are used in offset printing are eliminated such as making of color proofs and films, stripping the pieces together manually and making of plates. This leads to affordable print solutions.

Benefits of Digital and Four Color Methods


  • Brief turnaround
  • Reduced costs for print runs
  • Variable data printing or database driven printing like mailing lists


  • Better image quality, no spots and streaks and higher resolution
  • Works on a wide range of printing surfaces such as wood, cloth, paper, leather, plastic, metal and rough paper
  • The cost per unit is reduced with more quantity
  • Cost effectiveness and quality guaranteed for high volume jobs
  • Modern offset presses use computer-to-plate, rather than the older computer-to-film system, which further enhances quality

Aspects to Help You Decide

  • Quantity: 4 color brochure printing has a front-end cost load. This means low quantities and short runs might have a high per unit cost. However, with the quantities increasing, the cost per unit is reduced. Very short runs are more cost effective with digital printing whereas larger quantities tend to have reduced unit cost with offset printing.
  • Print Medium: If you need or require a special paper, unusual printing surface, unique size or finish, you get a lot of flexibility with offset prints.
  • Color: Digital presses use the 4 color process of CMYK. If you are in need of black ink or a couple of ink colors, offset comes with cost effective solutions. If you need 4 color printing, digital can offer benefits such as lower upfront costs. A few modern and progressive offset printing companies now provide full color prints without additional setup or plate fees for more colors.
  • Pantone: In case you want to use the Pantone Matching System, offset printing or 4 color brochure printing provides the best match as here actual Pantone ink is used. Digital printing helps stimulate a color using the 4 color matching process, and hence a few printers can offer less precise color matching on your projects.
  • Turnaround: If you require the services fast, digital printing provides quicker delivery. Also, some offset print houses are now offering print turnarounds within 24 hours.
  • Proofing: Digital printing offers accurate proofs as you can see an actual sample of the printed piece that is printed using the exact procedure as the intended run. When it comes to offset printing, very accurate color proofing can become expensive if you are looking for hard proofs.
  • Customization: Database driven variable data printing in digital printing allows you an affordable means for customizing marketing materials, letters and direct mail pieces with a different name, address or code on every printed piece.

Digital printing can be an ideal solution for a few people, but computer-to-plate offset lithography always leads to better results in terms of printing quality. The trick then comes to finding the right partner. Everyone needs to do some research for getting their materials printed, but here are a few considerations to remember to make sure you get the best results:

Do not leave anything to chance: Be particular with your print company while communicating the type of stock you want to be used, the colors, the processes (offset or digital) and the type of coating or finishing you want on the brochures.

Take samples: Before beginning with your print project, ask for samples from the prospective print companies. Reputed print houses have a standing offer of free samples meant exactly for this purpose.

Proof: If you are handling your own print project, and working with a local company, make sure you request for a pre-press proof before you authorize the full run. This helps you confirm that the company understood your instructions. It also provides a preview of what the final product will look like. This means any imperfections are arrested in time. If you are working with a remote partner, make sure you request for a digital proof. While this will require an element of trust for the stock and finish, it will make sure that they have got all the specs right.