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Cheap Business Cards Printing

5 Greeting Cards That Will Increase Your Profits

In the climate of economic downturn, the customer service is a must have in order to survive. A smile and a wonderful thank you are very much wonderful in order to generate new business and retain your customers, the business greeting cards have become a customer service and the secret of the sales trade.

The corporate greeting cards are available in various sizes and shapes and are designed in order to appeal to the wide range of customers and the business associates. The customer service and the sales professional will use them as the follow-up to the big sale in order to say thanks or just in order to stay in touch. If you order in bulk quantities and make your cards personalized, then your customers will surely remember you when they require your services. Listed below are 5 business greeting cards that will improve your sales.

Cheap Business Cards Printing

Corporate Thank You Cards

These can be used in several ways. You have to thank those who have purchased something from you, but the thank you cards are also suitable for the business associates which helped to make the sales possible. You can send a business thank you card which is more than a phone call or an email that can convey.

Business Thank You Cards

These thank you cards are sent appreciation to the new business owners. Once you have made the sale quite easy, then you will be surprised how it became possible. You have to remember those who have helped you along the way by thanking them for the referral and they will remember you when the opportunities arise.

cheap business cards
cheap business cards

Business Anniversary Cards

The business anniversary cards don’t have to be just for the wedding anniversaries. The business anniversary card will send congratulations on the anniversary of the big sale or to denote the special event of the company. You can use these to commemorate the date of the employee arrived at your company. They will be surprised that you have remembered them and will remain loyal employees.

Business Happy Birthday Cards

These are also great for the business employees by you can also send them to the important customers of your company. They will be astonished to find that you know their birth date and the special gesture will make them feel that they are a part of the corporate family.

Corporate Welcome Cards

These cards will be accepted with delight. They can be used in order to welcome the new employees or for welcoming the new business partners. It will help you to improve business relationships by reinforcing the partnership bonds in order to build the cards by welcoming those which will help the business to grow.

You have to remember the personal sign and hand the address the envelope on the greeting cards so that it don’t look like the mass mailing. You can also write quick notes if you can and keep the roll of stamps on the hand instead of running it through the company postage meter. Only a bit of special attention will increase the profits in future.

Trends in Personalized Greeting Cards

The greeting card market has been a buoyant one. There are various occasions throughout the year. There is a card for everyone. From the birthday celebrations to the condolences of the loss of your pet dog, the greeting cards are for every event. For the retailers, the profit margins on the greeting cards have always been beneficial. You can also increase your sell through the gift boxes and the wrapping paper available for the customers to choose from. Everyone loves to receive gifts that are well packaged and coordinated.

The interesting aspect of the market is its response to changes in the technology. The next generation printers have moved to the extent that several items can be personalized. There is no shortage of the web-based print on the demand which allow the customers to express themselves in the most unique way. It has fuelled a high number of the small home business with the software packages that allow the entrepreneurial types to manage the portfolio designs which they can sell through their sites. You can also avail for the custom stationeries, like the calendars, children’s books, photo wall art and the greeting cards. Let’s check these in more details.

Custom Printed Cards

The photo market has been in existence for several years and still growing. These cards can be customized to suit all occasions, the graduations, weddings, and the birthdays and create great marketing opportunities for the retailer.  The stationary market is quite big and is ideal for digital marketing. The addition of the personalized message or photo to a journal, notebook etc. can make this more appealing to the buyers.


The customer demand for the original gifts for all occasions has never been stronger. And if you personalize a card, then you can do the same for a gift. From the personalized mugs to the baby gifts, there is something for everyone. Something with the recipient’s name appears to have a special meaning; it gives great impression of a well-thought gift. It’s more likely to be kept as the memento, therefore extending the life and the perceived value. You must think where the trend will take us in future. With the advance in technology and with the introduction of the 3D printers, you can design and print your own creations.

The birthday greeting cards for businesses are paired with the giveaway coupon for the discount on the future purchase in order to make it special. You can also mail a mug, cup or the other promotional item along with the card if you want to make the greeting card more thoughtful.

If you can’t afford to do this, then consider the sending one of these cards once your business reaches a level, such as the company’s 10 year anniversary or when you can exceed the sales goal. You can also mark their birthday with these beautiful cards. It is unnecessary that your company business cards do not need to be extravagant and fancy. Even the simple and the plain greeting cards with a short message can also sell your business well.