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Market Your Business Better with EDDM Retail Postcards

EDDM retail postcards are a service offered by the United States Post Office to make small businesses able to direct mail to their local area. EDDM Retail allows a small business to direct mail a postcard without requiring a permit at the local post office. You can thus reduce your mailing costs and get your message out to more homes. This makes your EDDM postcard successful and hassle free. The EDDM retail service is an efficient and reasonable way to reach out to every customer in your neighborhood. The EDDM online tool can help you locate your target neighborhoods and shows you how many customers you can reach.

EDDM Printing
EDDM Printing

How to Get Started

Log in or Register: If you are already a user of the Every Door Direct Mail and have a USPS business account, all you need to do is enter your user ID and password. If you are using the service for the first time, you will be asked to create a new account in order to get started.

Define the Persons You Want to Reach: The EDDM direct mail tool is one that helps you choose your targeted mailing routes by address, state, city, ZIP code or up to a radius of 5 miles from your business. You may even use an intersection or street names as your targeted area. After that, you will be prompted to generate and print out the right documentation and facing slips that you can take with your mailing to the post office.

The tool will locate the number of active business and residential addresses in your target locations for estimating the postage charges on the basis of print quantities. This will give you the chance to pay online using a credit card. You can also pay in person at your local Post Office using cash, credit or debit card, meter strip or check.

Print and Design Your Mail Pieces: After identifying where the mailing is going, you can place the printing order. Select from the size that you want to send. There are guideline templates available to help you create your artwork. Make sure that you go through the approved specifications for Every Door Direct Mail EDDM retail postcards including address formats, sizes, and the approved Every Door Direct Mail.

Prepare the Mailing: There is also a chance to prepare the mailing for the customer for an added charge. If this option is selected, the company prepares the mailing and ships it directly to you. Then, you can deliver and pay for the postage to the post office that is listed in the mailing report that was created. If you choose the EDDM retail postcards option Customer to Prepare the Mail, the company just prints the postcards and ships them to you. You are then required to prepare the mailing and then deliver or pay for the postage at the post office that is provided on the mailing report.

Preparation of the mailing is a simple process. All that you need to do is take the printed postcards in bundles of 100 pieces to your local post office. In case your payment was not made online, you will have to pay the post office using cash, credit or debit card, check or meter strip.

Improve Your Marketing Plan

There are various ways through which you can advertise your products and services. However, the most successful among these is the EDDM program that is created by the USPS. EDDM is a very easy system of creating marketing strategies to attract new customers. For this reason, EDDM postcard printing marketing is one of the cheapest ways of direct marketing because postcards are very affordable and convenient. EDDM postcard marketing allows a businessman to establish a potential relationship with present and future clients and customers.

It can be a very easy way of competing against similar businesses in your locality. If you want to make your promotional material stand out from your competitors, you must ensure that your EDDM postcard is appealing and attractive to the customer. Good postcards are the ones that have stark and contrasting colors, are full color and have a message that is clear and easy to read and understand. The postcards can contain information about the latest discounts, promotions, sale, new product launches and even contain simple information about your business, its offers and where clients can find you.

The message that your prospective client will read from your promotional material should be friendly and informal. EDDM retail postcards marketing is cost efficient and affordable. With the help of USPS, you can now send postcards in bulk quantities at an affordable rate. The USPS charges of delivering an EDDM postcard to the doorstep of a potential client are 14.5 cents. If you select to send your promotional material to 1000 households in a single carrier route, USPS charges will only be $145. This is a very fair and affordable rate as compared to how many new customers you can get within a short span of time.

Every Door Direct Mail can be a great program as there are no mailing lists that are required. This means you do not have to compile names and mailing addresses as your mail pieces are delivered to all the households within a single carrier route. You can select the number of carrier routes you want, but keep on mind that according to some basic EDDM requirements that were set by USPS, you can send 200 to 5000 mail pieces per day.

Marketing with EDDM retail postcards is a one to one advertising campaign as only you and your target customer can go through your message. It can be a highly successful strategy and over 80% of the businesses that enrolled into this program had nothing but good to say in praise of the program. If you are to have cost effective postcard marketing, you need to find a local or online printing company that can handle the design part of the job and print them out at affordable rates.